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Prepare Your Salesforce Marketing Cloud Administrator Exam

In this article, I will be sharing my experience with the administrator certification for Salesforce Marketing Cloud. This is so far what I could recommend organized per module linked to the relevant documentation links so you can dive deeper and learn more about specific features.

Since I promised the community, I will keep improving it based on your questions/feedback in the comments section.


This guide is not a secret pill to pass the exam but it could be a part of your preparation efforts, so please familiarize yourself with the official exam guide and check the Administer Marketing Cloud Trailhead. once you are done below are my recommendations and directions for every part of the exam ordered by weight or percentage.

Setup: 38%

If you want to clear this part of the exam you should be able to locate (by heart) where is what.
It’s a memory/experience game. so open the setup screen and memorize every part of it.

Setup Screen
  • For a given scenario how to identify and fix permissions related issues, Manage user roles and permissions, Business units permissions in the setup screen. Permission sets in Salesforce
  • For a given scenario how to troubleshoot or manage SFTP users, Read the Documentation for an in-depth understanding.
  • Do you how to troubleshoot/inspect your Marketing cloud Connect and the connected data sources in contact builder? if not you should.
  • For a given scenario with what feature should your Marketing cloud instance provisioned. For example, it could be Email Attachments or any other feature not enabled directly after purchase.
  • IP whitelisting, when to do it and what are the best practices.
  • A question or 2 about Audit Trail and best practices.

Subscriber Data Management: 18%

The idea behind this part is how to handle contact data in an efficient and legal way.

  • Tracking Best Practices when using external tracking tools/integration like Google 360? check the FAQ too
  • Your skills in Data modelling and how to connect different Data extensions with Subscriber key will be checked so you should know how and where in Marketing Cloud that’s done.
  • For a giving scenario, troubleshoot a data-model related send issue.
  • Given a scenario figure out why Attributes Groups are cool.
  • Do you know the lifecycle of a Contact delete request? what’s left in your instance and how Marketing Cloud manage that?
  • Subscription and Profile Center are a big deal in the exam and I recommend checking different best practices, for a single org connection and for Multi-Orgs too.

Channel Management: 16%

  • A couple of questions about workspaces in Social Studio, how they are organized and how to manage them.
  • Troubleshoot an issue related to a keyword in Mobile Studio.
  • Email Studio is the main player in the questions, several scenario-based questions and how to access your Email sends Tracking.
  • Troubleshoot a Journey builder entry source/scenario and how to use the different types of activities in a given requested flow or Trigerred send.
  • I got questions about out of the box report, You should take a look at the default reports generated by Marketing Cloud and What are the benefits. Marketing cloud reports

Maintenance: 15%

  • Do you know how to check/monitor the system availability at and how to use your MID to accomplish that?
  • Why journey builder is not sending emails in a given scenario and how to fix that.
  • Familiarize your self with FTP File Drops and Tracking Extract and how to troubleshoot them. In my exam version, I received 3 or 4 questions about them mixed with a data model scenario.

Digital Marketing Proficiency: 13%

  • Do you know how to make your Emails avoid ISP SPAM Traps and maintain a good Sender Reputation? The data-views to query in order to aggregate data and generate reports about Bounce/Spam? Check them out!
  • Following an Email delivery problem, help troubleshoot the issue.
  • IP warming basics and best practice
  • Tokenized sending, when to use it for a given scenario.
  • Email compliance with CAN-SPAM regulations and the information that should be provided listed here 
  • Data Views to read Bounce data.

This article is still a work on progress and I will keep updating it based on your comments and reactions, please don’t hesitate to leave your comment/question.
I recommend checking  Jackson Chen blog post since it helped me a lot preparing my exam. Good Luck!

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