Distributed Marketing Salesforce Marketing Cloud

How to Add Distributed Marketing Installed Package in Salesforce Marketing Cloud

After installing Distributed Marketing into your org and Marketing Cloud instance following this Trailhead. I personally assumed that the Distributed Marketing installed package should be added automatically to the connected BU during the installation since in the second part of the trailhead Complete the Initial Setup They didn’t mention that, but it wasn’t the case.

I set out to understand what’s happened during the installation phase and discovered that it’s not supposed to add any installed package to your Bussiness unit and I have to do it myself in order to have the Distributed Marketing Blocks in Content Builder.

Distributed Marketing Content Blocks

1- Setup Distributed Marketing in Marketing Cloud

To add Distributed Marketing to your Business Unit follow the steps below:

  • Create a New Installed Package in Setup > Apps > Installed Packages (If you don’t see the Setup element in the menu contact your Marketing Cloud Administrator to grant you the admin role)
Navigate to the Setup Interface
Open the installed Packages interface
Create a New Installed Package an Name it Distributed Marketing

You should have your 3 new blocks available to be used in your emails in Email Studio.

Distributed Marketing Custom Content Blocks

When you start editing an email in Email Studio, you can see your 3 new blocks ready for deployment within Emails using Drag and Drop.

Distributed Marketing Content Block

2- Share Distributed Marketing Between Marketing Cloud Users

Don’t forget to give access to the Marketing Cloud users and/or BUs involved in Email creation otherwise, they won’t be able to see the new Distributed Marketing custom blocks you just added. to do that follow these steps:

  • Open the Distributed Marketing package that you already created in your BU
Marketing Cloud Distributed Package
  • Click on the Access Tab
  • You have 2 options based on your business needs and specification:
    – Option 1: Select specific business units or users to give access to and save.
Share access to specific Business unit users

-Option 2: Select all users for a specific BU to be given access even those added in the future.

Et voila you are Good To GO!

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